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The power of social media and its network is out of the question, especially in the 21st century. Gone are the days where Social media was just another source of entertainment just like TV & Video Games. Now Social Networking sites are like Identity for people and you would be surprised to know that companies during hiring for their employees check out social media profiles of the candidates to study their online activity to assess the personality suitability for their organization. Although concerns on privacy have been raised many times, people, most of them prefer having their presence on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

The thing about social networking sites these days are that they verify user’s accounts mostly with their phone numbers and this is the key point for those who are looking to search the owner of the unknown number. This is one of the simplest to do a lookup for an unknown number. The databases of the popular social networking sites are so huge that it was once reported that if Facebook was a country it would be the most populated in the world.

The Limits of an Online Phone Number Search

Several online tools let you reverse lookup and possibly identify who a phone number is registered to.

Unfortunately, you will run into several limitations with any phone number identification:

  1. If someone added their number to the National Do Not Call Registry or had it removed from a site like WhitePages, it will be difficult to trace that phone number.
  2. It’s almost impossible to find out the identity of the person behind a mobile phone number for free. Though with North American numbers, you can at least find where the number was registered.
  3. Moreover, many “free” services will try to sell you their service, even if it is possible to find the information for free elsewhere.
  4. Some countries, including the UK and Australia, have restricted the reverse lookup of phone numbers. So if you’re trying to find a number from these countries, you’re out of luck.
  5. Phone numbers can go out of service or change owners. Since it can take some time for a service to catch up on these changes, you can never fully rely on the information you find online.

With those restrictions in mind, let’s look at the best strategies to check for the origin or owner of a phone number.

Recent Feedbacks and Complaints

Find out who is calling and why: Debt collectors, telemarketers, charities, and survey companies often call without leaving a message.

Feedbacks and Complaints

  • 470-292-1177
    again, I've paid good money for you to trace this number, and I get nothing. NOTHING. It's an ATT account and gezus mary and joseph, you can't provide any information on the owner, phone type, etc.? Why did i bother to pay for this service?
  • 470-232-4865
    How can you not have a carrier name on file? I know this is an ATT account, and paid you to find more information on it, and you have none...and no name? Well, try Patri Donaldson, which is how I was lead to you. Patri is probably short for Patrick... get with it!
  • 980-434-1425
    Before I paid for the subscription, the search said that it had results for the phone number I was searching. After I paid, it says there's no results.
  • 810-217-9118
    Bad person. Makes commitments and doesn't keep them. Lies about everything to get what he wants.
  • 615-900-8040
    This person made a fraudulent call to another account now want answer to identify themself; and this service is unable to give me a legitimate name or address.